Kagoshima Yataimura

Hot Spring Shabu-shabu


The restaurant you see on your left facing the main entrance of YATAIMURA.



Lunch Menu 11:00〜14:30


Black Berkshire Pork Set (Shabu-Shabu)

Thin slices of pork parboiled in hot spring water with vegetables

Served with Ponzu sauce and rice

Ponzu (Japanese sauce made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice)

「黒豚、野菜盛り、ごはん」・・・ 980円

・ 80g Black Berkshire Pork Set 980yen

         お肉1.5倍 ・・・・1280円

・ 120g Black Berkshire Pork Set 1280yen


Japanese Black Beef Set (Shabu-Shabu)

Thin slices of beef parboiled in hot spring water with vegetables

Served with Ponzu sauce and rice


・ 80g Japanese Black Beef Set 1500yen

         お肉1.5倍 ・・・・1980円

・ 120g Japanese Black Beef Set 1980yen



Special Summer Lunch Menu


・ Steaming Basket 980yen

Steamed summer vegetables and black Berkshire pork in hot spring water.

Served with Ponzu sauce



Dinner Menu 17:00〜24:00


Hot Spring Shabu-shabu

Shabu-shabu is a kind of a hot pot.

It's made from very thinly sliced meat, fish, tofu and vegetables.

We prepare a pot of hot spring water to cook shabu-shabu.

Put a sliced meat or fish in the boiling hot spring water and swish that back and forth.

As soon as the meat or fish turns the color, you can eat it with a special sauce and vegetable boiled in the pot.

Once the meat and vegetables have been cooked and eaten, the broth can be used for the noodles.


黒豚ロース60c 580円

・ Black Berkshire Pork Loin 60g 580yen

黒豚バラ60c 580円

・ Black Berkshire Pork belly 60g 580yen

黒毛和牛60c 850円

・ Japanese Black Beef 60g 850yen

キビナゴ 600円

・ Local Sea Water Herring (Fish) 600yen

鯛 800円

・ Local Sea Bream (Fish) 800yen

野菜盛り 380円

・ Vegetable Platter 380yen

豆腐 200円

・ Tofu 200yen

うどん 250円

・ Udon

Thick Japanese Wheat Noodles 250yen


■ キビナゴお刺身 600円

・ Sashimi

Sliced raw herring fish served with vinegared miso 600yen

(Catch of the day)


■温泉水で炊いたおいしいごはん 180円

・ Hot steamed rice

Cooked in hot spring water 180yen




・スーパードライ生 500円

・ Asahi Draft Beer Super Dry 500yen


Shochu (Japanese spirits)

屋台村焼酎 200円

・ Yataimura Shochu 200yen

黒蔵の神 250円

・ Kuro kura no kami 250yen

赤猿 250円

・ Akazaru 250yen

Sweet potato Shochu made out of distilled liquor


温泉ウーロン茶 200円

・ Oolong tea

Tea made in hot spring water with Oolong leaves 200yen


Address: 6-4 Chuo-Cho Kagoshima City [map]

Business hours: 11: 00-14:30 17:00-24: 00 

Open 365 Days a Year.

Tel: 080-1788-6323